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Compliance Systems

Stop struggling to shoehorn off the shelf compliance systems to fit complex aerospace industry standards. We have experience building compliance systems for a number of US standards including AS9100. Avoid all the hassle of complying with aerospace standards by letting us build and maintain a custom system that fits your needs exactly.

Integrated Systems

​Don’t be locked into OEM maintenance on your fleet. There are many off the shelf open-source components that can integrate directly into the cockpit HUD and HOTAS you can install and expand their functionality to fit your needs with our custom software development services.

Consumer Systems

​Consumer hardware and platforms have come a long way. We’ve had success integrating off the shelf consumer tablets and other devices into flight systems. In many cases, using off the shelf consumer hardware and platforms can be more cost-efficient for both prototyping and production.

About​ ​Us

We are a 100% US based software engineering firm focussed on the aerospace industry. We love to partner with aerospace engineering firms or government entities that need an extra hand with software development and maintenance. We have a wide range of experience in a number of open-source and Linux focused technologies as well as the latest from Microsoft in the areas of IOT, AI and mobile.

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Code Values Open Source

“Part of the answer certainly lies in the fact that using software does not decrease its value. Indeed, widespread use of open-source software tends to increase its value, as users fold in their own fixes and features (code patches). In this inverse commons, the grass...

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Top Technologies for Aerospace in 2018

We are on the verge of a revolution in the aerospace field thanks not just to the big names like SpaceX and Blue Origin but due to wider trends in the technology market. Embracing these game changing technologies in 2018 is going to give your organization an advantage...

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Code Values

There are a lot of software development firms out there and many of them are just fine but many of them are less than great. The difference is values. A development firm without values is like a ship without a rudder; it certainly can occasionally get to the right...

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