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Do you waste a lot of time manually processing data from
different software systems?

Rabbot Automation

Stop Waiting on IT

You’re busy and like most IT departments your IT team is probably busy too. That means that they probably can’t support you as quickly as you’d like when it comes to developing custom scripts to pull and process data from your various software sources. With Rabbot you can create automated flows yourself without touching a line of code.

Automate Your Data Analysis

You’ve got more important things to do than manually run reports and manually process routine data, so don’t. Just create a flow once and let Rabbot do the rest.

Excel at Work Even From the Beach

​With Rabbot’s automation you can schedule flows to run periodically even if you’re not at the office. So go ahead, take that trip to the Bahamas!


About​ ​Us

We are a 100% US based automation and technology company. We’ve been proud to partner with a wide range of organizations including the US Navy and Air Force.

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Fourth of July Contest

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Earth Day 2020 Contest

Happy Earth Day from The Mad Botter! Our annual free and open source software contest for students is back! To enter to win, we are asking you to create and share an open source project that addresses climate change and/or pollution. This years winner will get a...

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