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Compliance Systems

Stop struggling to shoehorn off the shelf compliance systems to fit complex aerospace industry standards. We have experience building compliance systems for a number of US standards including AS9100. Avoid all the hassle of complying with aerospace standards by letting us build and maintain a custom system that fits your needs exactly.

Integrated Systems

​Don’t be locked into OEM maintenance on your fleet. There are many off the shelf open-source components that can integrate directly into the cockpit HUD and HOTAS you can install and expand their functionality to fit your needs with our custom software development services.

Consumer Systems

​Consumer hardware and platforms have come a long way. We’ve had success integrating off the shelf consumer tablets and other devices into flight systems. In many cases, using off the shelf consumer hardware and platforms can be more cost-efficient for both prototyping and production.

About​ ​Us

We are a 100% US based software engineering firm focussed on the aerospace industry. We love to partner with aerospace engineering firms or government entities that need an extra hand with software development and maintenance. We have a wide range of experience in a number of open-source and Linux focused technologies as well as the latest from Microsoft in the areas of IOT, AI and mobile.

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Business Observer FL

If you want to learn more about how The Mad Botter is helping to build the high tech corridor, take a look at the interview with our CEO Michael Dominick. We are thrilled to continue to bring technology innovation through open-source and free software to the Tampa Bay...

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Down the 2019 Rabbit Hole

2018 was a great year for tech and developers and there has never been a better time to start a development project. Looking forward to 2019, we see three major trends that are going to open up significant areas of opportunity: iPads as product devices, serverless...

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3 Reasons Most Software Development Projects Fail

IEEE and the Standish group have both reported that less than fifty percent of software projects are actually completely successfully. This has to do with the way that both customers and vendors approach going into software projects and structure their relationships....

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