3 Reasons Most Software Development Projects Fail

IEEE and the Standish group have both reported that less than fifty percent of software projects are actually completely successfully. This has to do with the way that both customers and vendors approach going into software projects and structure their relationships....

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Announcing Gryphon

The Mad Botter INC launches Gryphon, a radar display system for a wide range of training, simulated and other missions.

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Now Sponsoring Avalonia

We are happy to announce that The Mad Botter INC is now sponsoring Avalonia. Avalonia is an open-source project that brings .Net and XAML to a wide range of desktop and mobile platforms including Linux. WPF and Xamarin developers will immediately find Avalonia and its...

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Code Values Open Source

“Part of the answer certainly lies in the fact that using software does not decrease its value. Indeed, widespread use of open-source software tends to increase its value, as users fold in their own fixes and features (code patches). In this inverse commons, the grass...

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Top Technologies for Aerospace in 2018

We are on the verge of a revolution in the aerospace field thanks not just to the big names like SpaceX and Blue Origin but due to wider trends in the technology market. Embracing these game changing technologies in 2018 is going to give your organization an advantage...

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Code Values

There are a lot of software development firms out there and many of them are just fine but many of them are less than great. The difference is values. A development firm without values is like a ship without a rudder; it certainly can occasionally get to the right...

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Hybrid Remote Working

Former Xerox Chairwoman and CEO Anne Mulcahy is widely quotes as having said: “Employees are a company’s greatest asset — they’re your competitive advantage.” At The Mad Botter, could not agree more. Yet, it’s also been proven true by study after study that happy...

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What Are Cognitive Services?

Incorporating machine learning and other technologies normally associated with artificial intelligence is becoming practical for software projects of all kinds thanks to the increasing democratization of cognitive services. Broadly speaking, cognitive services are...

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Can Bots Automate Your Processes?

There are a lot of great reasons to structure your organization as a distributed team: more flexibility for staff, less financial overhead for the business, and a wider talent pool to draw for example. However, distributed work is not without its downsides: Decreased...

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